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Real Estate Guidelines

1. How to Place an Order Contact Us!
You may email us with the deatils of your order, your contact information, and your payment information OR complete and email our interactive online order form found on our website at Once your order is placed your account may be billed an Order Initiation Charge (OIC) of $35.00 per design. This non-refundable charge is credited toward your final printed order. You will receive this charge if you cancel your order at anytime with us. You will receive an invoice for services rendered when the order is closed or complete.

2. $35.00 Minimum Order (effective 01/01/2015)Make it worthwhile!
The minimum print order for each product is $35.00; for example if you order a brochure and a flyer, the fee is $70.00 minimum.

3. 24 Hour Soft Proof Turn Around – We understand urgency!
We will have a Soft Proof (a proof sent via e-mail) to you with-in 24 hours of receiving all required information and files needed to complete your design. Information on how to send your collateral material is at the end of these guidelines,

4. Rush Orders: $25.00 Rush Fee – We jump you to the front of the queue!
If you can provide all needed information for your order, we will create your design and send a proof back to you immediately after you have placed it. Rush orders need to be placed no later than 10 am and in most cases are available for same day pick up.

5. 3 Free Proofs Policy – We are happy to make your changes!
If for any reason you decide you want to change prices, images, verbiage, etc. after looking at your first proof let us know. We offer you 3 free proofs to give you the opportunity to make all the corrections and changes you feel are necessary. If you would like to continue making changes after seeing 3 proofs we will continue to send them to you at $5.00 per proof until you are fully satisfied.

6. $15.00 Change Order Fee – Changed your mind?
If you order an incorrect template/design or you simply changed your mind (or your client did!), you can change the template or main direction of your design for a fee of $15.00. This option is only available prior to printing.

7. $35.00 Per Hour for Custom Design, Copyright, and Editing Services – Break the mold!
If your design requires additional attention such as photo correcting, branding, consultation, or detailed custom design layout we can provide both journalist and design services for you at a rate of $35.00 per hour (30 minute minimum charge).

8. Database Services – We are Realist experts!
Provide us with your desired address count and we can pull a radial database that pinpoints your intended audience free of charge. You also have the option of purchasing a detailed database from us if your requested parameters fall outside of a radial search.

9. Approval and Delivery – Give us your okay!
Ultimate Imaging cannot begin printing your design without your approval and delivery preferences sent via e-mail. Materials will be printed and available within 1 business day of your approval. Approvals made by 10:00 am will be available that afternoon and/or shipped in most cases. UPS delivery is generally next day delivery at $10.50 and mailers will be dropped at the post office generally within 2 full business days after approval. A same day Courier within Austin begins at $12.00. If your company is on our delivery schedule, call to confirm.

10. Color Disclaimer – Monitors DO NOT represent printed color.                                                  
Printed products WILL NOT be identical to a Soft Proof. A Soft Proof (a proof sent via e-mail) will not be identical in color to the final printed design for many reasons. Why? – Computer monitors run on an RGB color spectrum that is created by mixing light. This is completely different from printed CMYK materials that are created by mixing ink, therefore 001a printed product WILL NOT be identical to a Soft Proof. Monitor settings vary and are never identical. If you are concerned about the printed color of your design, Ultimate Imaging is happy to print a hard copy proof for you to come in and approve at your leisure.

11. Pricing – Stretch your money!
We are a CUSTUM DESIGN COMPANY! Call us for pricing or email us at if you have any question or need any help. Prices are subject to change without notice.

12. Customer Service – Questions or Concerns/Thank yous and Atta-Boys!
Call 512-916-9780 and ask for the Director of Real Estate. We strive to provide the BEST VALUE in AUSTIN and are proud of our 98% on-time and high quality completion rate! We desire your feedback both negative and positive.

12. FTP UPLOAD INTRUCTIONS – you MUST email us once your complete this process!!!!

A. All images provided for printed materials need to be uploaded in a Zip file or compressed file to our FTP* site. Ultimate Imaging does not pull photos from websites or use images that have been embedded in the body of an e-mail.

B. Please send 7-9 photos for flyers and 12-14 for brochures unless your company has a catalog of templates from Ultimate Imaging. Then send the correct number of photos on the template plus a few extra for design options.

C. You will want to upload your photographs as well as your text and bullets to our FTP site for the most efficient service.

D. Begin with downloading your preferred high resolution pictures from your photographer source on the web and follow the instructions below to get your choice photos to us.

Choose the photos/files that you want to submit and place them into a folder on your computer. This will be your photos, text and bullets in a word document generally, as well as headshots and logos if you are a new client. Ensure you label this file with the property address and the client name (otherwise loose items that are not packaged with be discarded and your order will not be processed).

Compress the File (ZIP). On a PC, right click on your mouse and choose SEND TO – Compressed (Zipped) folder.

Click on this link or copy and paste into your browser:
Your username and password will both be: uicustomer

STEP 4: Upload
• Click on the Browser Uploader button in the navigation menu at the top left corner of your screen.
• A pop-up window will appear allowing you to upload as many as files as you need. Use the Browse button(s) to select your COMPRESSED/ZIPPED FILES from a location on your computer system.
• Click the Start Upload button at the bottom of the pop-up window.
• A temporary pop-up window will appear showing the progress of the upload. It will disappear when the upload is complete.

Select Logout from the navigation menu in the top left corner of your screen. SEND AN EMAIL TO US AT: LETTING US KNOW YOU HAVE AN ORDER AND COMPLETE THE ORDER FORM – Emailing us is the the initiation of your order and places you in the queue.

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